We offer all sizes and grades of containers, from 6′ to 53′ and from new to used to scrap. Please see below for what we can offer and click HERE for pictures and description of how we grade our containers. If you would like to see pictures of our current sale inventory please click HERE

All containers are 8′ wide (96″) until you get to 48′ in length. Some containers are considered “specialty” or “specials” like open sides, high cube 20’s, open tops etc. Sometimes we will have specials in stock but if we do not we can usually get them in a week or so.

Boxes designated by:

  • DV = standard box, “dry van”, means unit is 8’6″ tall
  • HC = “high cube”, means unit is 9’6″ tall
  • DD = “double door”, doors on each end
  • OS = “open side”, one side opens entirely
  • OT = “open top”
  • RF = “Reefer”, refrigerated

  • 20′ DV New and Used
  • 20′ HC New only
  • 20′ DD New only
  • 20 OS New only
  • 20′ OT New and Used
  • 20′ RF New and Used
  • 20′ Flatrack Used only
  • 8′ DV New only
  • 10′ DV New only
  • 40′ DV New and Used
  • 40′ HC New and used
  • 40′ DD New only
  • 40′ DDHC New only
  • 40′ OS New only
  • 40′ OT New and Used
  • 40′ RF New and Used
  • 40′ Flatrack Used only
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